FCM MismatchSenderId

Can’t enter the sender ID for FCM credential
I’m configuring the FCM credential for Sendbird, but there is no place to enter the sender ID. I can enter the server key and sound file, but there is no text input for the sender ID. When I save the credential, Sendbird shows a dash indicating no value for sender ID.

When I use the test notification sender, it shows the MismatchSenderId error. Of course, I would expect this error if there is no sender ID. Is this a bug in the Sendbird FCM credential UI or is there some other way that I should specify the sender ID?


[Current impact]

I was able to fix this error by deleting all the push tokens from the user, deleting my local dev build from my phone, then installing the staging build so that the token was generated for the matching FCM project.

That said, it would be nice to get clarification on the Sender ID field. It’s very confusing to see it in the UI with an empty value that we can’t change.

Hello @Ben_Winters ,

Good to see you have fixed the issue.
Sender id on the dashboard is a legacy thing for older FCM projects, nothing you really need to fill in. Only server key is needed.