Issue in receiving calls & notifications

I have copied all codes from your Sample Android App for Sendbird Calls into my app. The app is able to receive incoming calls only if the app has made a call at east once. Same issue happens once the app is killed & restarted. Also the app doesn’t seem to receive push notifications for incoming calls in background but the token is registered successfully in dashboard.

Hi @Sooraj_R. I think it is weird behavior. If the FCM token is registered successfully, it should work. Can you share with us your app ID & user ID for looking into the issue?

APP ID 9A5EB080-89B1-48E8-8DC2-2A36B8D4B0B8 (registered email is User IDs used to test COAS0003 & COAS00004

We’re getting an error while sending push notification to your users. {"error":"MismatchSenderId"}
I think you have to check your FCM api key and FCM application id.(especially your google-services.json and FCM console). If you have any other problem, feel free to ask to me.

now seems working.had set the server key in the wrong app earlier

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Initiating call from iOS app to android app , we are not getting calls. When app is in Killed state.

SendBirdCall.registerPushToken is not giving any error but still the push token is not getting registered into the dashboard.

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