FeedView notifications wont disappear after mark as read

Using SwiftUI to wrap the FeedViewController, old notifications wont disappears

Hello @Dave1812

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Can you please check:

  1. Check if the markAsRead(completionHandler:) method is being called correctly when the user views the feed. Make sure that the method is being called in the appropriate place in your SwiftUI code.

  2. Verify that the markAsRead(completionHandler:) method is returning a successful response without any errors. If there are any errors, handle them appropriately and ensure that the notifications are still being marked as read.

  3. Confirm that the channelDidUpdateReadStatus(_ ) method is implemented correctly in your GroupChannelChattingViewController. This method should be triggered when the read status is updated, and you can use it to update your UI and redraw the feed view.

If none of these solutions work, it may be helpful to provide more specific details or code snippets related to your SwiftUI implementation and how you are handling the notifications.