How to filter group channels by nickname and channel name

How to filter group channels by nickname and channel name ?

I’m trying to filter the group channel list either by channel name or by nickname. For that I’m using the following code:

  const channelFilter = () => {
    const groupChannelFilter: GroupChannelFilter = new GroupChannelFilter();
    groupChannelFilter.nicknameContainsFilter = chatSearch;
    groupChannelFilter.channelNameContainsFilter = chatSearch;

    const params: GroupChannelCollectionParams = {
      filter: groupChannelFilter,
    const query = sdk.groupChannel.createGroupChannelCollection(params);
    return query;

when I use only "groupChannelFilter.nicknameContainsFilter = chatSearch; " effectively I filter the list of channels by nickname, the same thing happens when I only use groupChannelFilter.channelNameContainsFilter, the channels will be filtered by channel name. The problem is when I try to use both at the same time, neither of the two filters works correctly.

UIKit Version
sendbird/chat: 4.6.1,
sendbird/uikit-react-native: 2.4.1

Reproduction Steps
Using the code above

Hello @omedranoc,

The GroupChannelFilter() considers the query type as AND so it searches for the channels with both nicknameContainsFilter and channelNameContainsFilter and returns the channel list.