Reduce file storage usage

According to the file storage calculation guide:

The usage does not reset unless file(s) is deleted by users or channel retention.

We are looking to reduce our file storage usage, may I know if there’s any way we could do that please?
We’ve tried deleting file messages but it does not seemed to reduce the usage.

Hello @hewong, and welcome to the community!

If you could, please DM me your application information. There are some items I would like to verify on our end to help provide you with an answer.

@hewong, moving this back to the forum thread.

I was able to verify the values on our end were set correctly.The only way to reduce the utilization amount of your file storage quota is to remove the file messages from your applications in your organization. The file storage quota is for all applications in your organization, so items sitting in your testing application would count towards your monthly quota every day.

You should notice the amount by which your file storage utilization is measured decrease the following day after you remove the file messages.