[Flutter] GroupChannel accessCodeRequired always false

I’m creating public group channels with accessCode by setting GroupChannelParams.accessCode. When I try to query Group Channel List and check the accessCodeRequired field, it always returns false… I feel like this is a critical issue and I hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you…

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[SDK Version]
sendbird_sdk: ^3.2.14

[Reproduction Steps]

// Create Group Channel with Access Code
GroupChannelParams params = GroupChannelParams();
params.isPublic = true;
params.accessCode = _codeController.text;

await GroupChannel.createChannel(params);
// Query Channel with GroupChannelListQuery
final list = PublicGroupChannelListQuery().loadNext();
// this always prints false...
for(final channel in list) {
  print('${channel.name} ${channel.accessCodeRequired}');

[Current impact]
This is critical in our application and we need this issue to be fixed ASAP

Hello @dev.jsds,

I was able to reproduce this issue from my end and have raised internal bug to the corresponding team for the review.

I’ll keep you posted once I get any updates from our Engineering Team.

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Hi @uday.bhaskar ,

Is there any update on this? We need this feature in our application.

Hello @dev.jsds,

Our Engineering Team has fixed the issue, and it will be released in the next few days.

I’ll let you know once it gets released.

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Hello @dev.jsds,

I just got an update that the bug has been fixed and released in v3.2.15.

Thank you for your patience.