Create public group channel

Hello, I’m using “sendbird_sdk”: “3.1.4” in Flutter, and I’m encountering a strange issue with creating group channel.

I always create public group channel. But one group channel is private.
Is it possible?

I’m creating all group channel by this code.

try {
      final params = GroupChannelParams()
        ..operatorUserIds = []
        ..userIds = []
        ..channelUrl = channelUrl
        ..coverImage = coverImage
        ..customType = 'challenge' = jsonEncode(data)
        ..isPublic = true = title;
      GroupChannel channel = await GroupChannel.createChannel(params);
      return channel;
    } catch (error) {
      throw _errorHandler(error, withMessage: 'createChannel');

Hi @SungYong_Ko,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. Could you DM me your Application ID, and the channel_url of the private channel that was created? I’ll take a look on our side to validate a few things before we dig too deep into the flutter code.

Hi @SungYong_Ko,

I took a quick peak at the logging for the channel you sent me. This doesn’t appear to be an issue with Flutter but rather something on our backend. I’m still investigating but will keep you updated as I figure out what is going on.

Hi @Tyler

I found more private group channel. (now 4 private channel)
Currently, some user cannot join the group channel. because it is a private channel.
Could you solve our problem?

I converted private group channel to public by Using Platform API.
But some remain private group channel yet.
I DM you private group channel’ channel_url

I dont think theres anything wrong with creating a public group channel. I just tested and it worked fine. Do you happen to update your group channel later with new GroupChannelParams ?

We use the new GroupChannelParams when updating the group channel cover. There’s a code below.
When updating a channel to a new GroupChannelParams(), we checked the value change (is_public: true → is_public: false).
Other group channel parameters are not changed, but only is_public values are changed.
What should I do?

final params = GroupChannelParams()
        ..coverImage = FileInfo.fromUrl(url: coverImage);
final result = await channel.updateChannel(params);

GroupChannelParams has separate constructor GroupChannelParams.withChannel(GroupChannel channel) to update group channel. please use this constructor when you update existing group channel for now.

Thank you for your quick response. Have a nice day~!!