Public Group Channels are not shown to Users who are not invited?

Hi I’m using Sendbird Sdk to implement chatting feature in our Flutter application.

I’m trying to create Public Group Channels using the following code:

GroupChannelParams params = GroupChannelParams(); = _nameController.text;
    params.customType = _selectedType;
    params.isPublic = _isPublic;
    if (_isPublic) {
      params.accessCode = _accessCodeController.text.isEmpty
          ? null
          : _accessCodeController.text;
      params.isDiscoverable = _isDiscoverable;
    params.userIds = _userList;
    params.operatorUserIds = _operatorList;

and even if I set isPublic and isDiscoverable to both true, users who are not included in the userIds cannot retrieve the created channels. I used the following code for retrieving the public group channels:

        ..includeEmptyChannel = true
        ..membershipFilter = PublicGroupChannelMembershipFilter.all
        ..order = PublicGroupChannelListOrder.chronological
        ..limit = ChannelListState.limit,

Help me please… Thank you!

I’m using @sendbird/chat v4.
I was facing a same issue like you. I’m not sure why but I found a solution anyway.
step1. created a group channel (isPublic: true, I didn’t change isDiscoverable option)
step2. when I’m not a member of that group channel, I could find that channel by createPublicGroupChannelListQuery.
step3. when I’m a member of that group channel, I could find that channel by createGroupChannelCollection.

I’m not sure what logic or process is but it works for me.
I hope it would work.