Unable to add SendbirdVideo view

Giving me error to add Shader(RTCVideoViewShading).Not getting what will do for this.Anyone can help ?

hi @Khusboo_Suhasini

This error appears if WebRTC was not downloaded completely.
If you are using cocoapod or carthage, please remove the cache files and try to install them again.


Thanks @damon.park,I will try.

I have tried multiple times,WEBRTC framework has been installed properly with 1.05 GB.but still this issue is coming on latest sendbird while i am trying to update sendbirdcallsdk. i just need sendbirdcallsdk latest one.is there any way to download directly sendbirdcall sdk latest one without using pod.just need that file. please help me out anyone.i need the latest one on urgent basis.so

Thank you