Freezing video while calling

Hi guys.

I’ve created a small app with sb-calls inside. The problem is that video stream constantly interrupts everytime for 2-5sec.

I’ve tested group calls with 2 members o different devices in various network conditions - the same wifi network, 4g, different networks. Nothing the same happens in other p2p apps (zoom, telegram).

Is it possible that the problem is related of my current location (Russia)?

server location: Frankfurt, Germany
sb-calls version 1.8.2
appId 9E5F10CE-06C0-4E11-8ECC-DC2D28805863

My webrtc log from chrome://webrtc-internals for such lagging session is below (can’t attach file)

Hi @yataw,

Does this happen in only 1:1 calls or only group calls? Or both? Does the stream freeze or do you receive an error? Additionally, if you could provide a video of the behavior, that may help us better understand what you’re experiencing.

Hi Tyler. Thank you for quick response.

Seems like the problem takes place only in group calls.
I’ve recorded, take a look - Google Drive

Also, could I provide you more information for investigation?

Hello Tyler.

Are there any updates?