Full attached image not loading in place of thumbnail


Imagine I send an jpg image to a group chat from the Desk Dashboard, it is sent as a FileMessage.
The FileMessage has 3 thumbnails, first being a 10x10 image.
This thumbnail is downloaded and cached at {message.requestId}.jpg

When a full image is requested to be downloaded, it checks in cache for {message.requestId}.jpg, finds the 10x10 already there, and just shows that tiny image, instead of downloading the full one.

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[UIKit Version]

SendBirdDesk (1.1.2)
SendBirdUIKit (3.5.2)
SendbirdChatSDK (4.6.2)

[Reproduction Steps]
Thumbnail is loaded here

Full image is loaded here.

CacheKey is the same for both.


[Current impact]
Images sent from dashboard not working.

Hi @rburakou
Welcome to Sendbird Community!

Currently, our Sendbird Desk automatically generates three sizes of thumbnails below, and the UIKit will refer to the first thumbnail by default. That’s why you can only get the smallest thumbnail in your client desk app.

Thus, we plan on working on this to provide our customers to set thumbnail size by project-level so that customers can freely set their wanted thumbnail size going forward. This work has been included in Q1.

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