File thumbnail is empty after upgrading UIKit to 3.11.1

Hello, I’m trying to upgrade @sendbird/uikit-react to the latest version.
But after upgrade, when I upload image files, their thumbnails are blank - I checked blank thumbnails’ urls, and it seems they’re missing base urls. thumbnails generated before upgrading SDK start with “…”, but new thumbnails start with “?auth=…”. Can you please check what happened? Do I need to change any implementation on my side?

And one more, when I upload any image files to group channel with UI Kit 3.11.1, my app with older Sendbird SDK (4.7.2) returns Cannot read property 'split' of undefined error on loading messages from the channel via getPreviousMessages.

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[UIKit Version]
@sendbird/chat”: “4.10.8”,
@sendbird/uikit-react”: “3.11.1”,

[Reproduction Steps]
Upload images from the web page using UI Kit 3.11.1

Every time

[Current impact]
Blocks upgrading dependencies

Tested with old versions - it turned out that it happens even with old chat SDKs! Was there any changes in Sendbird server? And once it occurs, I cannot open the channel even from Sendbird dashboard!