Thumbnail Generation from Dashboard

Hi everyone, we have automatic thumbnail generation turned on for our application, but unfortunately the thumbnails are not showing up for videos uploaded from the SendBird dashboard’s moderation tool.

This is a pretty big deal for our use-case because we want to always display a video thumbnail for our iOS chat interface whenever possible. Any advice?

Hi @jurvis could you share the screenshot of your moderation setting in the dashboard that is blocking the thumbnail to be shown?


Hi Eric,

I cannot seem to find any moderation settings, but here is a screenshot illustrating what happens when I upload a video from the SendBird dashboard:

When retrieving messages via the SendBird iOS SDK, the array of thumbnails in SBDFileMessage is also empty.

We are also experiencing a similar issue with Video thumbnails with the iOS SDK and also have thumbnail generation switched on in our dashboard. Specifically it seems to be happening with .mov video files - when we send a .mov video file in a chat, we don’t get any thumbnails generated. Our code previously worked with mp4 files.