Get Group Channel List ERROR Invalid Arguments

Hello everyone, , I encountered an error when trying to get a channel list like this

Invalid argument(s): No host specified in URI https:/v3/users/null/my_group_channels?limit=30&order=latest_last_message&distinct_mode=all&show_member=true&show_empty=true&show_frozen=true&show_read_receipt=true&show_delivery_receipt=true&show_metadata=true&member_state_filter=all&super_mode=all&public_mode=all&unread_filter=all&hidden_mode=unhidden_only&public_membership_filter=all.

Maybe someone can provide a solution why this can happen?


The application id and user id seem to be missing in the url as per the error message.
Could you please confirm you’re using the url as below:
GET https://api-{application_id}{user_id}/my_group_channels

okay, thank you sir…

But, how to confirm the url for get channel list sir?


Could you please give more details on the issue you’re facing.