Get latest 10 messages

I have 100 group channel and I sent message to 20 group channel so how I can get latest 10 messages which I sent

Displaying the last message is for the channel.

You can check the last message in the list of channels you are subscribed to.

               "Jin": 1542756034123
            "last_message": {
                "message_id": 640904364,
                "type": "MESG",
                "custom_type": "",
                "mention_type": "users",
                "mentioned_users": [],
                "created_at": 1484269498708,
                "updated_at": 0,
                "is_removed": false,
                "channel_url": "sendbird_group_channel_24901438_c1bc35f5f0d237207bc1cba27351c878fc2f345b",
                "user": {
                    "user_id": "Craig",
                    "nickname": "Shopperholic",
                    "profile_url": "",
                    "is_blocked_by_me": false,
                    "metadata": {
                        "location": "New York",
                        "marriage": "N"
                "message": "Can you share the plan with me?",
                "translations": {},
                "data": ""

How to get 10 unique group channel recently replied by me
can you please provide the query for this we need query for platform API thank you

There is no corresponding platform API.
The platform API is only provided for the link below.