Get list of deleted messages in a Group Channel

I’m building an app integrating Chat and Desk. It allows the user to delete a file. I would like to show “This file is deleted” in the UI. But the problem is that I cannot find any API in SDK to query deleted files.
The solution that updates the message will not work because I would like the file to be also removed from the Deck dashboard.

Could you help with this?

Hi @Ethan_Nguyen,

When a file or message is deleted, it’s no longer accessibly via the API. What you could do is instead of actually deleting the message. You could update the message to be This file is deleted instead, which would retain its place and still be queryable.

Rename will not work. I don’t find the way to update a file message to a user message

Instead of updating the actual message, you could utilize the data field on the message. This would allow you to add your own custom is_removed flag, and allow you to render it however you’d like on the frontend.