Deleted message has no trace in group channel

If a message has been deleted in the group channel(even after the read receipts are updated), it completely disappeared from the channel without leaving any trace. Do we have support to show some placeholder(example: this message has been deleted…) in place of deleted message?
@Tyler @nicholascm

This isn’t possible in UIKit unless you were to implement your own component where you could control what the delete button does. In theory, you’d create your custom component and replace the delete function with an update function that replaces the current message with This message has been deleted or something to that effect.

@Tyler yeah. updated type messages can be identified using updatedAt prop in the message, I think, to handle deleted messages, we have to check whether the message of type updated & message equals to This message has been deleted(may need to apply special style to make it appear it like a deleted message).

Thanks for the idea. :+1:

I think, In future, it might be good, if we could handle deleted case separately similar to updated message(updatedAt).