Got code 400108 error on migrating the data

I got error when migrating data follow by below docs

“error”: true,
“message”: “Not authorized. "Migration is not allowed.".”,
“code”: 400108
Can anyone help me resolve this problem

Hi @Ph_m_Quang_Huy

We have an internal application attribute which needs to be enabled for the Migration.

Can you please raise a support ticket from your Sendbird Dashboard mentioning the error and we will enable the Migration.

Do mention your application_id for which you like to enable the same.

Hi @Ph_m_Quang_Huy

Please do not share your application_id’s publicly. Do edit your comment and remove the application_id from the comment.

As I mentioned in my last comment please do raise support a ticket from your Sendbird Dashboard to enable the Migration and there you need to share your application_id’s.