Group channel filter by channel URLs is ignored

I have a group chat filter that is being ignored if a new message is sent in another channel the user is part of. I’m filtering a single specific channel but when a different channel receives a message this filter is ignored and this other channel appear in the channel list.

I’m using SwiftUI and this is the channel list code:

public func makeUIViewController(context: Context) -> UIViewControllerType {
    let controller = SBUGroupChannelListViewController()

    let params = GroupChannelListQueryParams()
    params.channelURLsFilter = [channelUrl ?? ""]
    let query = GroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery(params: params)

    let channelCell = ChannelCell()
    let component = ChannelListComponent(store: store)
    component.register(channelCell: channelCell)
    component.emptyView = ChannelsEmptyView()
    controller.listComponent = component

    controller.createViewModel(channelListQuery: query)

    return controller

[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

  1. Wrap SBUGroupChannelListViewController into UIViewControllerRepresentable
  2. Create GroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery with channelURLsFilter filtering a single channel
  3. Send a message in another channel that user is part of but with different channel URL

Result: A different channel URL will appear in channel list
Expected: Just the channel I’ve added in the filter should appear.


[Current impact]
User is seeing channel they shouldn’t.

Just tried reverting to previous versions and 3.2.0 worked fine (accepts channel URL filter).
Since 3.2.1 this seems to have changed and channel URL is sometimes ignored.