Filter group channels by unread message does not work

Hello there,

Sorry if it’s not the right place, but I did not find any tool to file a bug (from Github or Documentation).

Whenever you want to query the group channels and filter them to get only the unread channels, it always returns nil. Here is the code sample:

let query = SBDGroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery()
query?.limit = 100
query?.unreadChannelFilter = SBDUnreadChannelFilter.unreadMessage
query?.loadNextPage(completionHandler: { channels, error in

If I query the channels without any filter, I get them and their unread flag is set to 1.
It seems there is a bug on that previous API.

I am using the last version of the SDK for iOS (3.0.201)

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Flow,

I was able to reproduce the issue that you outline here. I will file a bug report with our engineering team. While the bug is being fixed, I want to mention that by default channels are returned with unread message channel first ordered with chronologically based on when the last message was sent. However, this is no good if you only want to return channel with unread messages in them.

I will update you regarding the bug fix.

Great ! That’s good news. Thanks a lot for the support.