Group channel flickering when switching channel (SwiftUI)

I have a screen that contains some buttons at top and those buttons switch the current channel user needs to see. When tapping button the state will update and change the URL to load this new selected channel.

I’ve tried to eliminate all the state management from the framework I’m using on the client and create a simple view body with just some fixed buttons that trigger a @State change with the new URL but still flickers:

Then I’ve tried to go the other way around and keep all the state logic and just replaced the SBUGroupChannelViewController with a Text that shows the selected channel URL and this makes the flicker go away:

Can this flicker be related with the way chat is loading the new messages for selected channels?
Is the group channel trying to present a loading indicator?

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[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
Add SBUGroupChannelViewController to view body and and switch channel via state (SwiftUI). Example in first video.


[Current impact]
Screen flickers when switching channels