GroupChannelListQuery timeout error

Hello, I’m using SendBird chat in my live Android app. I’m noticing a lot of occurrences of timeout error while loading the group channel list using following snippet (Kotlin).

val channelListQuery = GroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery()
channelListQuery.limit = 20
channelListQuery.isIncludeEmpty = false
channelListQuery.order = GroupChannelListQuery.Order.LATEST_LAST_MESSAGE { channelList, e ->
    if (e != null) {
        Log.e("SendBird-Chat", "error: ${e.message}")
    } else {
        Log.i("SendBird-Chat", "channelList: $channelList")

I see that default timeout interval is 10 seconds. I didn’t find a way, in SDK, to increase the timeout interval. What’s the best way to avoid/reduce this timeout error.


Out of curiosity, if you make this same query using the Platform API, does it timeout? Also, can you provide the version of the Android SDK that you’re using?


@Tyler I’ll check with the backend team regarding the stats for Platform API as this timeout doesn’t happen all the times. Also, I got some more stats, for Android app, showing that this particular error happens for somewhere between 4% - 7% of the calls on daily basis. To add a little more information, I added the error code in last release and found something interesting. Though the error message says timeout but the error code is 800120. Following is the description of this error in docs.

ERR_NETWORK 800120 The connection failed due to the unstable network or an unexpected error in the Chat SDK network library.

I’m a bit confused with this description vs the information encountered in actual error.

Android SDK: 3.0.155

Hi @Asem

If possible, could you DM me your app_id & user_id?

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Hey @Miyoung_Han, My teammate Chatar Veer is already following it on the support channel. Can you please have a look at that communication.

Hi @Asem
One of our solution engineers supported this case and confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

@Miyoung_Han thank you