500901 error at list group channel

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Have trouble when list group channel with query param ‘created_after’ and ‘created_before’.
When time range increases, 500901 error response.
In my case, if I set the range to 10 days, it works fine after several 500 errors, but if I set it to 15 days, it keeps on getting 500 errors.

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my query param

    limit: 100,
    show_member: true,
    show_frozen: true,
//  created_after: 1707955200, // alway error
    created_after: 1708387200, // work after few error
    created_before: 1709251200,

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Cannot use list group channels with large ranges

Thank you for inquiring about Sendbird.
Can I know the first 4 characters of the application_id you tested or the name of the application?
It seems likely to happen only on your apps.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Our app id is : “22E40BDE-D757-4DB9-BC6E-970B987FAD1E”

2024년 6월 7일 (금) 오전 11:46, Yongjun Choi via Sendbird Community <notifications@sendbird.discoursemail.com>님이 작성:

I tested it, It has been confirmed that a kill-query timeout occurs when there is “custom_types: Quote.” so I’ll ask the server team to check it out. Please understand that it may take some time.