Help With integrating one to one video call

Help With integrating Video Call and and displaying both user video view
i am able to initate a video call, but i can see other user video preview, but my video preview is blank.

Hi @Android_MR_Firebase and welcome to the Sendbird community!

Could you please provide a code example of what your local video view settings are in your app? Could you please clarify if this is a direct call or a group call?

Hi @lan_Wright its a one to one video call, its working now.

i am having another issue with call, i logged in with user 1 on a device,
and with user 2 on another device,
When i call user 2 from user 1 device,
i m not getting any alert to accept or decline for user 2,
but (when i sign out user 2 and sign in again or if i put user 2 app in background and when it comes in foreground the delegate method did start Ringing is called only in that case, attached Screenshot of code below)
Please guide, i followed this link:-

till step 5, because i only want video calling feature.

Hi @Android_MR_Firebase,

I would recommend following the guide here:

This guide covers more on CallKit and handling incoming calls.

Hi @Ian_Wright , Thank you i fixed the above issues by following the guide,

i am having issue with voip notifications now, when app is terminated i m getting voip incoming call notification and it dispappers in just 2 seconds. Please guide how to fix this issue.

Hi @Ian_Wright i m getting issue with video calling again the demo project is also not working correctly , i have to sign out the user i am calling and sign in again and when i do that , i am getting voip notification at that time, and its not working in background too, Please help
when i sign out and sign in the user again the following function is getting called: -