Hook for tap on a video message using the SBUChannelViewController?

SendBirdUIKit Version: 2.0.8

Since the SBUChannelViewController doesn’t offer the ability to override the tableView(:didSelectRowAt:IndexPath) I am wondering if there is another way to recognize when the user taps on a video message. I’m looking to open that video in a separate custom flow, not using the standard system video player. Is there are good way to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated

you can override open func setTapGestureHandler(_ cell: SBUBaseMessageCell, message: SBDBaseMessage) (this is get called when user tap on message) or open func setFileMessageCellGestures(_ cell: SBUFileMessageCell, fileMessage: SBDFileMessage, indexPath: IndexPath) (this is get called on cellForRow, so you have to add gesture recognizer on cell). But keep in mine that once you override setTapGestureHandler, all tap event on message will go through your implementation.

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