How can I give a feedback for blog posts in

I read the blog post in sendbird.
How to implement bots with Sendbird and Google Dialogflow - Sendbird

3 – Download Google’s GCLOUD and show your Google session token

This is a very important step you need to do for getting your Google Session ID. You need to use this ID in this sample source code.

Open your terminal and run the following command:
gcloud auth application-default login<
To do this, you need to download and install gclod from here:
Note : Take your time. This process from Google is very tricky.

Once you run that command, a browser window will be opened. You need to authorise your Google account and allow the use of this service. After that, Google will show you a Session ID code. Save it for later use.

Your Google Session ID is the result of executing gcloud . If you don’t have this information correct, your will receive an Error 400 from Dialogflow.

Go to your NodeJS code and replace the following values with your own:

Note: Grab your project ID from Dialogflow (taken from Dialogflow Configuration, section 2.b)

I expected Google session id will be show after authorizing Google account in browser.
But I can’t find where I can see the ‘GOOGLE SESSION ID’.
Could you tell me where i can find it?
Thank you.