How to change the owner of Sendbird organization?

Changing the owner of your sendbird organization is possible in the dashboard (
Please find two cases below that describe how you can set the owner of the organization. in Sendbird Dashboard

*Organization in Sendbird is the highest level object that all the sendbird applications and members are tied.

Case 1 : Current Owner giving the ownership to different member
If the original Sendbird Dashboard owner is available to hand ownership to a new owner.

  1. Check the “owner to be(new owner)” is an Admin of the Sendbird Dashboard.
  2. Sendbird Dashboard > Top right profile > Members
  3. Login as the current owner.
  4. Navigate the owner to be(New Owner)’s profile and make them the new owner.
  5. Sendbird Dashboard > Top right profile > members > three pips on member’s listing > “Transfer Owner“

Case -2
If the current Sendbird Dashboard owner’s account is not accessible.

  1. In this case, please contact Sendbird (Sendbird Support)