How To create screen of someone calling me instead of notification?

I’m trying to integrate the calling module into my app,

as usual, I follow up your docs, I found a sample that I can look into it,

it’s working well, but I don’t know why incoming calls voice/video is coming as notification not a screen open same as other apps, messenger/WhatsApp

so, let’s summarize points:

1- I need to know how to open screen that there is someone calling me, accept or cancel

2- how to make it ringing not silence one on my device and on Samsung it fires notification sound once only

any other points, I’ll add it there

Hey @Mes_Android,

I believe I roughly answered how you can do it here. I would specifically reference that commit. Essentially once you get the notification or the onRinging event you launch the callActivity which can give you that full screen call view you are looking for.

I’ve checked you replied and checked code for the sample for 1.3.0 but, there is no luck also, or you mean I’ll create my own layout myself?

Correct. You would have to create a quick layout to accomplish it.