How to get online group members list

Hi Sendbird Team,

My requirement is like that I need to show the list of my online group members as I created the different different groups. Is there any method available for this?
I saw your api to get list of members but that also require some authorization
How can I generate this token.

Is this way is ok for getting list or any method is available.

Thanks in advance. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Hello @Yash_Bhardwaj and welcome to the Sendbird community!

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “groups”? Where are you trying to show online presence from? Is it from members of group channels or Desk agents?

@Yash_Bhardwaj You get your credentials for Desk from your Dashboard

And it works for all requests you sent as described in our documentation here:

If you want to use Sendbird Desk SDK, then you can select:




We have a great knowledge base for Desk, with all the topics you want to know: