How to send a admin message in group channel using chat.js or via API

where can i see the documentation to send admin message in group channel.

How can i do it chat.js or via API call.?

I guess this can help:

When you send a message you can specify message_type

Something like:

POST /v3/group_channels/test-channel/messages


    "message_type": "ADMM",
    "message": "message from Admin"

Don’t forget you Api-Token in your headers.

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Thanks for the help. i was able to post the admin message.

i have one more question. In the admin message i dont see the timestamp. is it possiblt to add the timestamp in the admin message?

what are the various custom_type in admin message?


The only parameter I can help pointing out is: created_at

Specifies the time that the message was sent, in Unix milliseconds format. This property can be used when migrating the messages of other system to Sendbird server. If specified, the server sets the time of message creation as the property value.

const d = new Date('2020-11-30');
var millisecs = d.getTime(); // This will result in something like: 1606694400000

You body would be:

    "message_type": "ADMM",
    "message": "message from Admin on 2020-11-30",
    "created_at": 1606694400000

In your message list you will see this message listed according to this date.

Then, custom_type is a field you can populate with any value you need. The length is limited to 128 characters.


after posting the admin message, i could see that message, but after some time it got disappeared. any reason?


@Rajeev_Bhaskaran Thanks again for filing a support ticket with our team to help us find a solution together! :grinning:

For any community members interested in this post and struggling to see admin messages in chat, please consider the message querying options ( the createPreviousMessageListQuery() or the getPreviousMessagesByTimestamp() methods) or message rendering options (render handling of user message vs. file message vs. admm message) in the client application.

If you’re a Sendbird customer and would like to explore your case with us further, please don’t hesitate to contact support through the Sendbird Dashboard as well!