I have hundreds of small, yet similar apps. What should I do?

In this case, we would recommend that you create applications using the Platform API. Reference the Application section in the Platform API, which we will link below.

Note that you would probably want to base all of your apps on one registered SendBird application (with one application ID). Otherwise, you would have to set up multiple plans for several applications.

Regarding push notifications on multiple devices, you can register multiple push configurations if more than one of your apps (with the same SendBird application ID) are installed on the same device. See the documentation on registering push configurations (linked below).

More articles can be found @ SendBird HelpCenter

Thanks, Eric! We’re experimenting with creating several small, similar apps. Basically like different teams with their own messaging app. Should we expect to see additional apps we create under the same application id appear in the dashboard?

Yes, If you go to our dashboard, you will see the list of applications that you created with different application ID.


And what if the different apps share the same one application id like you suggested - is there a way to see these anywhere or just with a GET request?

@bkkilaru Thanks for the feedback.

As far as I know, you will have to use GET request at the moment but I am also aware of that our engineering team is working on this more seamless experience

Great, thanks for clarifying! Currently when we create an app via the platform API, it doesn’t show up in the dashboard.

Could you share your response that you get when you create an app via platform API? (*Do not show us your appID)

If you already signed up in dashboard, we would recommend you creating an application inside of dashboard by clicking " Create" button on the top right side of the main view.

@eric.kim Yep.

The reason we want to use the platform API is we want to spin up an app every time a user wants to create a new team on our app to message in.

When you suggested this:

Note that you would probably want to base all of your apps on one registered SendBird application (with one application ID).

Is there a specific way you suggest basing all apps on one registered app? So far we’ve only just created apps via the platform API.

@bkkilaru Do you have many different services that require you to run in the separate application?
For example, global on-demand food delivery company that operates in the different regions is a use case where you have to create many applications as each application’s end users do not need to communicate across the applications.
i.e) foodapp-us, foodapp-korea, foodapp-india, foodapp-uk

Is this something you want to achieve?

@eric.kim We were considering a use case where our different clients could establish a messaging experience isolated only to that client - like a team-based messaging app where messaging does not take place across teams, only within them. This is why we were looking into the API to try to spin up a new application for every client. We’re evaluating an option now that takes into account your suggestion to manually create teams from within the dashboard.

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yes, That would be a good start.

Let me know if you have any trouble moving forward.