Can we use SAME Sendbird KEY for two different Apps(different package name) managing user and support?

Hello team,

We are having two different apps to manage customer and support we observed that with different package name(two different apps) it’s working fine, but we are facing an issue of calls missed and cancelled due to support is not getting notification though calls come under missed or after long ring customer cancel the calls then also calls came under cancelled.

For managing call listener we have made a background service instead of placing the listener in the Application class. For Android Oreo and the above versions, the service is not working in the background for a long time.

The call missed and cancelled ratio is 50% for some of the users which affect our service. Please give a proper solution for this.

Hey @saumil_vaghela,

Could you expand on what you mean by the same Sendbird Key? Are you referencing the Application ID?

Same Sendbird Key means talking about Sendbird Application Id

We have two different apps AppA and AppB
AppA(package name: we have separate firebase project to manage FCM
AppB(package name: we have a separate firebase project to manage FCM

We are facing an issue in a push notification to the callee for some of the user’s many calls are not landing to the callee (push notification not appear)

Hi @saumil_vaghela,

Thank you for clarifying. There shouldn’t been any issues with you using the same Application ID across multiple applications so long as you register both FCM Server keys to the dashboard. Can you confirm that both Server keys are added to the Sendbird Dashboard?

Yes, As I said earlier both FCM server keys are registered to the dashboard and it’s working also but 50% of users(callee) facing issue in receiving call notification which affects into the call landing issues (50% or more calls are getting missed or cancelled)

Hi @saumil_vaghela,

Could you DM me your Application ID and a couple of instances where users reported they missed notifications or calls? Additionally, in your testing, if using just a single app, does it work as expected? Just want to help isolate where the issue may be.