Introducing Advanced Moderation: The Ultimate Chat Safety Toolkit ✨

Ready to enhance your community’s trust & safety? We’re thrilled to announce Sendbird Advanced Moderation, a content moderation tool that combines the precision and speed of automation with invaluable, nuanced human insights for Enterprise.

Advanced moderation for Enterprise is jam-packed with trust and safety features, including:

  • A Live Dashboard for moderators to monitor and manage content in real time.
  • A Moderation Rule Engine to auto-moderate inappropriate content
  • A Review Queue to let moderators review challenging moderation occurrences.
  • Moderation Logs to keep detailed records for training, compliance, and continuous improvement.

If you are an Enterprise company, to gain exclusive access to Advanced Moderation, now available in private beta, request access directly from the product page!

Check it out the blog and join our other valued chat customers already on their journey to enhance community safety with Advanced Moderation! :safety_vest: :sparkles: