Image Moderation Activation

I’ve activated our app’s image moderation according to the documentation (Filter and moderation | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs) and have likewise taken the recommended values there:

"image_moderation": {
      "type": 1,
      "soft_block": false,
      "limits": {
        "medical": 5,
        "violence": 3,
        "spoof": 5,
        "racy": 4,
        "adult": 3
      "check_urls": true

I assume once these settings are set, calls to the updateCurrentUserInfoWithProfileImage for example should be moderated. However, this does not appear to be the case. Do we have to talk with somebody to ‘truly’ activate this service? I figured a POST on the moderation endpoint would be enough, but images are definitely not being moderated, at least when compared to values shown by Google’s ‘try it’ tool. (Try it!  |  Cloud Vision API  |  Google Cloud)

I guess I should also ask here about the profanity moderation - would this also require additional activation beyond the API?

Hi @fullStackChris,

I apologize for our delayed response on this. Does your subscription include image moderation? If you go to your Sendbird Dashboard, go to your application > settings > features, is Auto-image moderation available and enabled? The same applies for profanity moderation.

Hi Tyler,

No worries. Is this the screen you mean?

If so, it looks like image moderation is not even activated for our app. We would also like the profanity moderation to be activated as well. We currently have two applications, one for our staging application and one for production, and would like these features in both. Let me know what we should do.

Hey @fullStackChris,

Could you DM me one of your application ids? It looks like they’re not included in your current subscription meaning you’d likely need to either upgrade or reach out to Sales for a custom subscription but I can confirm this once you send me that application id.