[iOS] Receiving Notifications After even unregister with send bird API

Hi Team,

I created the app where user log in and log out. I registered the user after login with push notification and our app is getting push notifications perfectly.

But when user logs out we are unregistering from the send bird but even though unregistering with send bird our app still getting the notifications.

Please find code below for unregistering the notifications:

   SendbirdUI.unregisterAllPushToken { _ in
        Logger.shared.info(tag: LoggingTags.Profile, message: "Unregistered From SendBird")
        ErrorLogger.log(message: "Error: UnregisterPush Notification.", in: "Un register from Send Bird")

Note: The connection is made with sendbird server before calling this method!.

Hi @Deepkumar1992,

Would you please DM me the following information so I can take a look?

  • Application ID
  • User ID of a user who should have had all tokens removed but didnt.
  • Approximate time (including timezone) when you revoked all tokens.


Application ID: 3380E3AF-3237-456F-B3EC-77B03CA1CF67
User id: "qatest*ios-chat-rider-preprod-2-code
Time : 3:26 PM IST - oct/28/2022