iOS SDK Create chanel issue

I am having multiple issues in creating Chanel.

Here I am attaching screen recording and screenshots as well.

You can see in the video that tapping on Create is not working.

Also, you can see that checkmark is missing for some reason

Here is the link to video recording Are you using UIKit? If so, I believe you have to select at least one user to create a channel. I will look into it for checkmark rendering issue.

If you see in video i attached i am already selecting one user.

Oh ok, now I see it. You didn’t answer my question btw, are you using SendBird UIKit? if so, let me know the UIKit version and iOS version you are using.

@Woo yes i am using latest UIKit SDK

Could you please share your code?

i can’t send code
but it would be great if you can tell me how to change theme ? @Woo


We need to check a few things to check the problem.

  • Are you using a custom SBUCreateChannelViewController class?
  • What version of UIKit and iOS are you using?

Please check and reply. :pray: