Issue with Create Channel UI flow


I am trying to integrate SendBird chat ui onto my existing application. I am able to present the SBUChannelListViewController. When I click on the plus icon the members view controller is able to present as well. However when I try to create the channel with the selected members, the channel is created in the dashboard but the view does show the next view to be presented which I believe is the message threading view. The action that happens is the app goes all the way back to the login screen . I have a screen recording attached to this so you all can visualize the actions.
Please review and help me with any advice.

video link:
k sbu issuemov - YouTube

Hi @darryl2012,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Could you provide some context as to what your code does when you create the room? It seems like the wrong view is being pushed when you’re creating the channel.

Could you also provide what version of the iOS SDK you’re utilizing?

So within my code base I’m just pushing the sbuchannellistviewcontroller from my navigation controller. After following the instructions, I did not think any additional setup was needed for I am now in the send bird UI modules. Should there be some additional setup within the code to set up create room ?

I am using 3.0.226.

Taking a look at how our sample application handles this, it looks like we handle this a bit different because we perform a Segue. It would be beneficial if you could share with the code you’re using when the final create button is pressed so we can get a better understanding.

After following these instructions for sendbirdui Send your first message | uikit ios SDK | Sendbird Docs. I was suppose to be able to send my first message after following the instructions. I think the sample app does not follow the guidlines for the sendbirdchatui. Here is a code sample of the Setup that I have as I follow the instructions

@IBAction func presentchatLogin() {

    let channelListVC = SBUChannelListViewController()
    self.navigationController?.pushViewController(channelListVC, animated: true)
    channelListVC.showCreateChannel(type: .group)


if this is not enough I will share you a link to my private repo on GitHub.

Im on step 9 in the send bird UIKit setup guidelines.

Thank you Tyler I have debugged and figured out the issue is coming from my navigational stack.

Hi @darryl2012,

Apologize for my delayed response. I was unaware you were using the UIKit. The example application I provided you was using the Core chat SDK, not the UIKit which would explain why there were some differences between what we were expecting.

I am happy to hear that you were able to debug the issue though. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions or run into any other issues. We’ll do our best to help!