Is list messages api realtime for other users inside the group channel?

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I was testing the chat feature of the app I am developing, when sending a message, the sender chat page refreshes after successful send, but the receiver or recipient who is also in the chat page does not received realtime update of the recently sent chat.

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SendBird API
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Like how will I implement the chat if it the data not realtime to other user ends?

Hello @Jon_Traya,

The list messages Platform API endpoint is not real-time. To provide real-time messages to your users, you would need to use the channel event handler or delegate in an SDK to listen for the onMessageReceived WebSocket event.

Please see the documentation below on adding the channel event handlers to your application using the SDK.

JavaScript: Add or remove a channel event handler | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs
iOS: Add or remove a channel event handler | Chat Android SDK | Sendbird Docs
Android: Add or remove a channel delegate | Chat iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs

Thank you for the reply. While waiting for your response, I patch it with reoccurring fetching to the sendbird api every 2 seconds haha.

Follow up question, how to have pagination of chat messages when user scroll to the last message item? Still using the platform api.
Thank you

You need to use the last message ID in your result to load the next set of messages. There is a property on the List Messages endpoint where you can set the message ID and how many previous messages will load.