Message not updated in widget chat automatically

I am using web widget based on javascript sdk.
When I send a message in the channel, the message is not automatically received for the other user.
Kindly give me some suggestions/solutions for this.

Hi @suriyaprakash,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Can you provide some additional context around the implementation and issues? Are you sending the message from the widget and is the other user receiving the message in the widget?

Are you able to provide a video example and code snippets of your implementation?

Hi @Tyler ,
Thanks for your response, the issue was resolved.

But I need some other details, is that possible to open the channel chat box instead of showing the channel list when click the widget icon?

Hi @suriyaprakash,

As we don’t provide native widget code, I’m not sure how to properly answer this for you. Are you actually using the UIKit or are you using the core SDK and building the widget yourself?