Is there a way to enable file upload by a user for the Sendbird AI Chatbot?

We would like to allow the user to submit a document as a part of the inquiry to our Sendbird AI Chatbot. Is this possible?

Hi Shawn!

Thanks for posting for the first time in our community! Happy to have you here!

Would you share how your users intend to use this feature? I am asking this to check with Product on the use case and value offering. Whether this is purely internal vs external (customer facing) is another area.

Thank you!


Internal users would provide a report to the AI chatbot and the AI chatbot will summarize in a specific format that I will provide in the AI chatbot instructions.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the clarification.

  1. Could you briefly describe these reports, how they are formatted (table, images, etc) and their type?
  2. Does the AI Chatbot need to summarize these in pure text or a particular format that the user can download?
  3. Frequency of uploads

We would be happy to take this discussion in a call if you are not comfortable sharing this publicly. Learning how you do things today will help us greatly in providing clearer guidance on using our AI Chatbot.