Issue in the quick calls swift example

Afte ending the call in the example app (GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-calls-ios: Sendbird Calls for iOS sample, guiding you to build a real-time voice and video calls quickly and easily.) we get a call kit error:

Error Requesting Transaction: Optional(Error Code=4 “(null)”)

this repeats every time we hangup a call and call on the method endCXCall. From reading about the error it is related to call kit not having this call registered, ie this is an Unknown call. Could not submit an issue on github so decided to post here. Do you know about this @damon.park?

Hi @David_K , thanks for reporting the issue.

Could you please describe the scenario in more detail?

I’ve tried testing the sample app, but did not encounter the error you reported.
Are you testing the app as-is, or did you add any extra code to the sample, such as calling endCXCall?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have not modified the code no, testing on iOS 14, the error comes from where the breakpoint is in the photo

That is odd. That error usually occurs when the call’s UUID is not registered CallKit yet.
Could you try checking if the Call exists in the SDK by checking self.controller.callObserver.calls in the breakpoint there?