SBUChannelListViewController "Something went wrong"

SDK versions:

  • SendBirdSDK (3.0.221)
  • SendBirdUIKit (2.1.8)

After opening SBUChannelListViewController we very often see “Something went wrong” screen. Clicking on “try again” does not do anything.

Nothing suspicious in logs.

Hey @pzmudzinski,

Few questions:

  1. Is it widespread? Across multiple iPhones, Users?
  2. Do you register and listen to didRecieveError?

Could you give me example how to listen to it? Cannot find anything in docs.
For now I set log level to log errors, will let you know when it occurs again.

Hey @pzmudzinski,

You can see it here. Essentially:

Receives an error message when an error occurs in the SBUChannelListViewController . You can override and implement this method.

It seems method I was looking for was func errorHandler(_ message: String?, _ code: NSInteger? = nil)

Anyway, this is error we are getting:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (Connection required error 800101.)

btw updated to latest versions:

  pod 'SendBirdUIKit', '2.1.13'
  pod 'SendBirdSDK', '3.0.233'
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Hey @pzmudzinski,

Ahh okay, so two questions:

  1. Can you guarantee that both init(app_ID), and connect() have been called at this point?
  2. Where do you call both of those methods?

Was able to fix that. We had race condition when we opened this controller before waiting for connect callback to be called.

@pzmudzinski so all is good?

Yep, does not happen anymore.

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