List group channels filter members_nickname_contains error timeout

List group channels filter members_nickname_contains error maybe timeout


after 3 seconds return response error like this
“message”: ““GET User MyGroupChannel List” failed.”,
“code”: 500901,
“error”: true

Hi, @felix_winangun Welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Can you try using members_nickname or members_nickname_startswith and see if that resolves your issue?

it works, but didn’t solve our use case (we need to search with ‘like’ ). i think members_nickname_contains is fit for us but it doesn’t work properly

@felix_winangun Can you please DM me your application_id?

i sent the application id in dm,
i tried members_nickname_startswith in sdk but it doesn’t work, only work with api

@Chinmaya_Gupta helloo