Mark_as_delivered endpoint error

UIKit version 2.7.0

Folks, I’m getting plenty of errors in console from mark_as_delivered endpoint. Mostly 400. I can see by response from the server that "Not authorized. \"This premium feature is deactivated. Please contact sales team\"." but why these calls are being made in first place and how to tackle this problem?

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Hi @robert.jezyk,

This is issue is actively being investigated by our engineering team and they are working on a fix to address it for our customers on the Starter plans. The API calls being made are apart of the Delivery receipt notification feature that is available on the Pro 5K and up plans.

Thanks Ian for quick response. I’ll keep an eye for an update on your engineers progress.

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@robert.jezyk, we have released UIKit v2.7.1 to address this issue! Please update and let me know if you encounter any issues.

Yeah, I can see it Ian, thanks for.a nudge. It was bit annoying clutter in console. I just pulled it down to my fork of UIKit.

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