Member information is not coming for the user after deactivate and reactivate from dashboard

Once I deactivate the user from the sendbird dashboard, then in the group channels request, the members’ array do not have the information of the deactivated user (which is fine) but then after reactivating from the dashboard, it still do not give the user info that is now activated

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

  1. Create a group channel between two users.
  2. Send at least one message in the chat
  3. Deactiavte one of the users from the sendbird dashboard
  4. Login with the other user (that was in the channel)
  5. You will not get the deactivated user information
  6. Now reactivate the user again from the dashboard
  7. Request channels and you will not get the user information that is now active

// How frequently is this issue occurring?

[Current impact]
Users are not able to chat with the users that were previously deactivated and are now activated again

Hi @Anique_Sabir,

Welcome back to the Sendbird Community!

I would to clarify the below things before I can reproduce the issue from my end,

  1. While deactivating the user from the dashboard, did you check the Remove from all joined group channels check box?
  2. Also, kindly confirm what method you were using in the SDK to get the group channel details?