Mention message with image of original image message

In case of mention of an image, I would also like to include the smaller image in the mention message. But how can I do since the token expires after three days?
The image link I see in the chat looks like this:

Hi @antonio.vitiello,

I guess you want to use the thumbnail feature. Please refer to below link

However, this is a premium feature. If you want to use it, you need to contact our sales team.

Thank you!

Hi @antonio.vitiello,

I misunderstood what you asked. We provide image plain url. You can get plain url which doesn’t have auth token (fileMessage.getPlainUrl()).

Moreover, you can get the auth token using SendBird.getEkey(). We use the Ekey() as a token.
Our SDK updates Ekey() when SDK finished to connect, reconnect to our Server. So, If you get messages from our SDK, You will not face the expired token problem.

Therefore, there are 2 solutions.

  1. get Messages from our SDK
  2. use PlainUrl, Ekey
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@Doo_Rim thank you very much!