Sendbird chat image rotate

The image is rotated 90 degrees from normal.

I saw this article Image 전송 시 rotate 되는 문제.

Can I get this setup?

Hello @Yeonho_Jung,

Please share your application id via DM so that I can disable it for you.

Thank you for sharing your application ID. I have disabled the application attribute for you which should resolve this issue.

Let me know if you still face any issues.

thx! it works fine

Is there any way to get a list of images sent from a channel?
Or is there an element in the webhook that can identify the file as an image?


You can list all message from a specific channel through this List messages | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs API and by setting message_type parameter to FILE retrieves only file messages.

Also, the "type": "FILE" is included in webhook event payload which helps you to determine if it is file message.

I know that the file type is marked with all other files, but is there any special way to select only images?

There is no direct way to select only messages with image files.
We can only check type property for the file extension inside file object to determine if it is image file.

            "type": "FILE",
            "message_id": 1901820611,
            "file": {
                "name": "image.png",
                "url": "",
                "type": "image/png",
                "data": "",
                "size": 304246
            "custom_type": "",
            "created_at": 1690264371241,
            "user": {
                "user_id": "823257",
                "profile_url": "",
                "require_auth_for_profile_image": false,
                "nickname": "uday.mod",
                "metadata": {},
                "role": "",
                "is_active": true
            "channel_url": "sendbird_group_channel_",
            "thumbnails": [],
            "require_auth": true,
            "updated_at": 0,
            "message_survival_seconds": -1,
            "mentioned_users": [],
            "mention_type": "users",
            "silent": false,
            "message_retention_hour": -1,
            "channel_type": "group",
            "is_removed": false,
            "req_id": "rq-21e4e908-6f9a-40da-9f90-3939787056b2",
            "is_op_msg": false,
            "message_events": {
                "send_push_notification": "receivers",
                "update_unread_count": true,
                "update_mention_count": true,
                "update_last_message": true

hmm… Contrasting mime with type is probably the best way.
thank you

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Oh, the PR related to replying to uikit-react-native was being merged. Is there a separate publication date for this feature?