Mentions using UI Kit for iOS

Is there any sample code or guidance on how implemente Mentions using UI Kit?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

@Tez do you know if we have a way to achieve this? I’ve tried to listen to the text field so I can detect when a mention is being made (a la Slack style) but I’ve had to modify two lines of UIKit source code to achieve this.

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This my current implementation to detect mentions:

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Hello @omar.lopez

UIKit works based on ChatSDK, but it does not have all the features of ChatSDK yet.

In ChatSDK, the mentions function is available through SBDUserMessageParams.

However, the UIKit is not yet provided a way to detect the mention during the message input, and if there is no problem with the implementation of your customized code, you can use it as it is.

Thanks @Tez

Do you accept PRs for this feature? Or are you already working on something like this?

Thanks @omar.lopez for your contribution.

The mentioning feature is in the backlog, and it will be designed in a commonly available form for customers and then delivered as a function.
And unfortunately, the sendbird-uikit-ios-source repository is where only the code that is completed is shared.
However, I will include and distribute the customization of SBUMessageInputView that you suggested in this update! (two lines of UIKit source code )