Message data from parent message isn’t preserved in child messages


we have a problem with mData from parent message not being included in child messages when replying to a message.

See the attached screenshot for empty mData field and relevant message id.

As a result, we can’t properly display the attachment parameters in the child message in the chat.

Please advise, if this is a bug or intended behavior and if there’s any workaround. Thanks!

Hi @Neskodi,

Could you please DM me the app ID? I’d like to look into this on my side. Could you also please provide me with your message query?

Hello @Neskodi,

Just circling back to this thread. If you are still having trouble, could you please provide me with your message query and App ID?

Hi Ian, thanks for getting back to me on this. We’ve found a workaround so far. So this thread may be closed. Thanks!


Thank you for letting me know! Let us know if you run into anything else!