Migrating Messages to a New Users - Messages Appear in Dashboard but not in Clients (React Native)

As the title states, we’ve migrated some of our users to a new user ID, but even after migrating the messages “as sent” with their user ID of their new account, the users can’t see these messages. The process is as follows:

  1. Create the new sendbird user (works fine)
  2. Add this new user to all group channels the legacy user was in (works fine)
  3. Add a message for each existing message the legacy user sent (appears to work fine, no errors, though we have questions here)
  4. Delete the messages from the legacy user (works fine)
  5. Delete the legacy user, which automatically removes them from the channels (works fine)

Now it gets interesting. We can see the messages (with the new user ID) perfectly fine, with date and message content preserved exactly as they were sent with the legacy user in the sendbird dashboard. However, on the client (we are using JavaScript on React Native) we cannot see any of these migrated messages. What are we missing? We are super stumped by this one.

We figured this out, was quite foolish on our part, the migration tool we built was working fine, we just needed to activate the “users can see old messages” switch to active in our dashboard settings under “Group Messages”.